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Hands that Heal Hearts that Care

Macquarie VETZ Animal Centre is a family friendly veterinary service  offering excellent care for pets.   

Good communication is the key to good medicine, so our clients are involved and informed every step of the way so they can be confident in all decisions made.

Free From Anxiety and fear


During a visit to Macquarie Vetz Animal Centre we will strive to  prevent and alleviate any fear, anxiety, and stress in your pet. 

Time is given for your pet to settle, treats, pats and cuddles and soft voices keep stress levels to a minimum.

Cat friendly

What makes us friendly? 

Separate cat seating area in our waiting room as well as a dedicated cat ward in hospital. 

We use calming pheromone diffusers in cat areas.

Completely separate cat boarding facility. 






Cat Boarding

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