Cat Boarding

Vetz Catz

Your cat will enjoy a holiday with us in the purpose built cat hotel well away from barking dogs and other noises.

Catering to just eight cats at a time, the large separate cat runs with climbing shelves, separate toilet area, quality food, toys and peaceful ambience will mean your cat will feel safe and comfortable.

Two of the cat suites have a flap between so if you have cats that sometimes want to be together and sometimes want time apart, or if you have three cats that like to share, then this is a perfect option. 

Please discuss options and cost variations when you book with us. 

Boarding Rates

Weekday Tariff per suite

1 cat $20.95 

2 cats sharing $34.95

Sundays/Public holiday per suite

1 cat $29.45 

2 cats sharing $46.85 


Your cat can select from a menu of different activities such as laser tag, tunnel runs and butterfly chasing.  

We serve premium dry and wet foods (included in the cost) and also can cater to some special needs.