Imaging X-ray Ultrasound



As a fully equipped veterinary hospital we have digital imaging, x-ray ultrasound, on the premises. X-rays can be taken while you wait or if more extensive study is needed your pet may need to stay for a few. hours. 

We offer hip and elbow radiology scoring.


Non intrusive imaging

In house ultrasonography help in diagnositics of abdominal problems such as tumours, kidney conditions, bladder stones and glandular changes. 

We also offer pregnancy  ultrasound imaging to confirm pregnancy and help approximate the due date. 

CT scans and MRI


We are able to assess you pet and advise if a CT scan  or an MRI are indicated and will refer to specialist for these types of imaging.  A CT Scan  is best suited for viewing bone injuries, diagnosing lung and chest problems, and detecting cancers. An MRI is suited for examining soft tissue brain and spine.